What I can do
I'll draw or paint pretty much anything, but my specialties are pet portraits and illustrations featuring human or animal characters. I can work in several styles, but I usually work in either a painterly or graphic novel-esque style. Commissions start at $45 USD for pet/people portraits.
Commission status: Temporarily Closed
Feel free to inquire! If we haven't already exchanged emails/messages, I can't take on any new commissions at the moment though.
If you're interested, please fill out this form or contact me directly :)
All prices are listed in US dollars for non-commercial use. If you are interested in commercial work, please contact me for a quote.
Headshot portrait - $45
Bust/Half-body - $60
Full body - $80
An additional fee may apply for exceedingly complex character designs. A basic background (e.g., clouds, nebula, some plants) can be added for $20, with more complex backgrounds starting at $25.
Additional characters can be added to a piece for about 60% of the base cost each. For large group shots with differing levels of detail, rates vary.
Detailed illustrations start at $100 depending on subject matter. Simple prop illustrations (e.g., food, weapons, etc.) cost less depending on the desired style and complexity. 
I accept payment via Paypal (available internationally) or Interac eTransfer (available for residents of Canada). Payment is taken after an initial sketch is approved, with payment plans available for larger commissions.
About working with me
If you know exactly what you want, the more references you can provide, the better! If you don't have a clear idea, I'm more than happy to create a composition based on rough ideas (e.g., a type of animal, your favourite colours, a constellation, etc.)
After I finish your piece, you will receive full-resolution signed and unsigned copies of your piece(s), as well as the original files in PSD or Clip Studio format (whichever you prefer). 
Small revisions are free throughout the process, with a maximum of 3 rounds of more significant revisions (additional changes in art direction after work is completed may carry an additional fee).
Commission Terms of Service
I reserve the right to decline commissions prior to payment. A commission will be cancelled if payment is not provided within 1 week of your approving the initial sketch, unless a separate payment plan has been arranged. 
Commissions are completed in the order I receive them (exception: if I am simultaneously working on a multi-piece/long-term project or if a client has significant delay in communication).
I reserve the right to post completed commissions online, unless a client explicitly requests for a commission to be kept private before the commission is started and I agree to this request. Credit will be given to you (or "a client" if you prefer to remain anonymous) for any original character design depicted in a commission.
You may use a completed commission for any non-commercial purpose (e.g., sharing on social media, printed as long as you don't sell prints, use in a free game/web project, etc.) For non-commercial use, crediting me is always appreciated where possible, but not required. However, you may not claim that yourself or someone else created the work. For commercial use, you must contact me to make separate arrangements.
I reserve the right to adjust pricing based on complexity, or adjust pricing from an initial quote in the case of extreme revisions to the initial art direction provided by a client.

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