Cookie Valley is a Stardew Valley-themed crossover mod for Cookie Clicker which I developed as a hobby project in 2023. I had recently started a new Cookie Clicker save to explore some of the new content I'd missed over the years, and while admiring the game's eclectic pixel art, I was reminded of the charming style of Stardew Valley. The connection was tenuous at best, and yet, for some reason, I thought, why not create something that combines the two universes together? Cookie Valley is the result of that impulse.
Though, if I'm being honest with myself, I really just wanted an excuse to write some chicken puns.
You can find Cookie Valley on the Steam Workshop and on Github.
Reskins for all 20 default buildings, from cursors (junimos) to temples (skull caverns) and beyond, including store and mini building/background sprites
Reskins for building upgrade/achievement icons
Over a dozen unique villager sprites
Reskins "grandmapocalypse" assets to fit the "Jojapocalypse" with a bit of extra Stardew flair
Hundreds of lines of flavour text riddled with absurd puns to Stardew-ify many achievements, upgrades, and news ticker entries
All art, code, and writing for Cookie Valley is created by me based on the original lore, world, and character designs of Stardew Valley and Cookie Clicker created by ConcernedApe and Orteil respectively. Thanks also to the lovely folks on the likes of Steam Workshop and the Cookie Clicker Subreddit, where modding resources and example code are available to first-time modders like myself!
Eventually, I'd like to add even more custom Stardew-themed content to Cookie Valley, including reskins for building minigames and custom flavoured cookie upgrades. Until then, happy baking!
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